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Avida Anti-Flat Head Syndrome Protection Pillow

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While your newborn's skull is still forming even after birth, it is extremely important to introduce the right structured pillow to your child's crib to ensure that their beautiful little selves grow perfectly in all aspects.

The wrong shaped pillow or placing your child's head on either side for too long will prevent the optimal formation of their permanent head shape. This product by Avida saves you the worrying and allows your Little One to grow in the most ideal environment.


- Avida Anti-Flat Head Syndrome Protection Pillow is specially designed to maintain the shape of the head of new born.
- Provides a utro-feel to ensure sound sleep.
- Filling with High Cotton Hose, head shape is maintained and never allows baby to feel hot.
- Back outer material is Breathable Mesh to maintain temperature
- Soft and clean touch to baby's sensitive skin.
- Hand and Machine Washable.


Front Cover: Velvet Cotton Blend
Filling: Cotton
Outer Back: 3D Breathable Mesh


26cm x 17cm x 4cm

Care Guide

We recommend hand-wash with warm water not more than 40 degrees Celsius. With Neutral detergent. If machine wash, please set to 40 degree wash setting and use wash bag.

Quality Assurance

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed -- We are confident you will love our products like our other 5-star reviewers. If you have any other questions, just contact us. Our first mission is to make our customers happy.

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